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झीनी झीनी बिनी चदरिया – कबीर ઓગસ્ટ 7, 2008

Posted by Mehul Shah in ગીત, પ્રાર્થના, ભાઈલાલ શાહ, વિદ્યાવિહાર ગીતો.

વિદ્યાવિહાર સ્વરાંકન 
રાગઃ ભૈરવી

झीनी झीनी बिनी चदरिया – कबीर
स्वरः लीला भागवत

This sheet (called body) is finely woven. What is its warp and

woof? Of what is the thread made? Ida and Pingala (nerves

invisible recognized by Hinduism) are respectively warp and

woof. The sheet is woven with the Sushumna thread (one of

the invisible nerves)—The eight-petaled lotus (at the navel) is

the wheel. The sheet contains the five elements (earth, etc.,)

and the three qualities (sattva, rajas, tamas). The Maker takes

ten months to weave this sheet and the thread is well packed.

Gods, men, even sages have to wear this sheet and it becomes

dirty as soon as it is worn. The servant Kabir says: Although

we wear this sheet with ever so much care, it has to be given

up even as it is.1


1Note by Gandhiji: Kaka says the only possible meaning is:

“Kabir says that he on the other hand wore it with such care

that he was able to discard it without defiling it.” ( Ref: “Ashram Bhajnavali”)



1. pragnaju - ઓગસ્ટ 8, 2008

સંત કબીરજીની ખૂબ જાણીતી રચનાની
લીલા ભાગવતનાં સ્વરમાં મધુર ગાયકી

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