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ચાલો ને રમીએ હોડી હોડી.. માર્ચ 17, 2007

Posted by Mehul Shah in બાળ ગીતો, ભાઈલાલ શાહ, શિશુવિહાર ગીતો.
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ચાલો ને રમીએ હોડી હોડી


1. mr. raju arvind sheth - એપ્રિલ 2, 2007

This kavita moreorless a poetry written by shri snehrashmidada, was originally composed by his intimate friend arvind sheth known as arvind kaka in 1970. this song and many other are easily available at ahmedabad with his son raju sheth wellknowon as rajugunjan.
for more details all intrested can contact on 919327256989

2. mr. raju arvind sheth - એપ્રિલ 2, 2007

the privious post has another contact no 917932922577 and 9327156989

3. mr. raju arvind sheth - એપ્રિલ 2, 2007

mehulbhai, u have done a good job

4. raju sheth - ડિસેમ્બર 13, 2007

hi to all viewers,
i am sorry to say that mr. arvind sheth alias arvindkaka expiered on 16 thapril at mumbai.
i can not forget his work in music for childeren.

we are planning to organise a music memory function. god pl help me

5. Mehul Shah - ડિસેમ્બર 13, 2007

Dear Rajubhai,

Sorry to hear that.Indeed he has done great work for children.If you have any other tracks or records or Cds of his work, please upload or share it online. I believe that is the best way to give him tribute.


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